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Brevet Series™ update and musings on the value of bicycles

As of today, Wednesday, December 12, 2012 there are four remaining spaces in the Brevet Series™ project queue, which will be capped at a total of ten bikes. The deposit window remains open until the 31st of December, unless the 10 bike limit is reached first.

If you’ve been on the fence about reserving a bike, please know there are a number of inquiries in process right now. Depending on how the project works out, we’ll likely run another Brevet Series™ project in 2014. Given the level of interest, I’d say it’s very likely.

We’re excited to announce the color choice has been made. All ten bikes will have identical single color powder coat, with decals under a semi-gloss top coat. The DuPont/Tiger Drylac color code is RAL6011. See examples of it here:

sample one

sample two

sample three

I’d describe it as a kind of mossy/split pea green with a touch of sage/gray. Under cloudy skies it’ll look darker, closer to the Moto Guzzi in the above links. Under sunnier skies, more like the machinery. I must admit I was influenced by the gorgeous 1961 Bianchi Speicialissima I sold in 2009. A lovely bike with a superb ride. Another one of those bikes I would have preferred to have kept, but someone else is now enjoying it more than I was at the time.

1961 Bianchi Specialissima I also had the medical surplus cabinet from my workshop as a basis for color choice. You can find images of it in any number of shop shots from this website or the flickr photos. Here’s a few for your enjoyment:



As it happens, it appears to be the paint color of our house:


Sheesh! I didn’t realize that this color had such a presence in my life, but so it goes.

Rivendell Bicycle Works used to offer it as a standard color choice for their custom line as a “Pea Sage Green.” When I ordered my All-Rounder from them in 2001, I waffled between the Pea Sage Green and the “Harvest Gold,” a kind of mustardy yellow. I went with the Harvest Gold. Also a fine color, which I’d happily put on a Boxer Bicycle any day of the week.

That Rivendell All-Rounder is now rolling around Manhattan and the boroughs with a milk crate on the front. Here’s a couple pics of it’s present state.

Riv AR basket bike Riv AR basket bike2









These photos were borrowed from Alan Sikiric’s blog “Cycling Weapon of Mass Destruction.” See:


It’s a funny story about that bike. I received that Rivendell All Rounder in 2002 and proceeded to ride it for the next 8 years all over the place. I sold it in 2010 because it wasn’t getting much use, since Boxer Bicycles had taken over my life and my bike stable.

Just recently, I came across Alan’s blog and wondered if it might be the same bike. I contacted the new owner and asked it, indeed, it was and he confirmed my suspicions. He also sheepishly asked if I was upset at the condition of the bike?

Nope. I’m glad to see it getting as much use as it appear to. It’s certainly better than I was achieving in 2010. And, I had my time on it, with thousands of miles commuting, day riding, randonneuring and touring/camping on it. I rode it across the U.S.A. and from Paris to Budapest with southern excursions through Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Italy and Croatia in 2004-2005.

I’ll never forget those experiences and will often reminisce about the great adventures my girlfriend (at the time) and I shared. That girlfriend and I married in 2009, had our son in 2010 and we still talk about “the Trip.” Now we talk about maybe doing smaller excursions, like our weekend travels to San Juan Island in September.

I learned so much about bicycles, while on that tour. I learned about handling, the value of comfort weighed against ultimate performance, the pleasure of quality tires and rigid racks, and the importance of keeping the camping gear fairly light in order to keep it fun and challenging. I also learned a lot about photography on that trip, and the importance of it in my life.

Staying “in touch” with the greater internet world was different then, only 7 years ago! All the social networking sites would make it trivial to update a large number of people on our whereabouts and goings on, virtually anywhere in the world. It’s amazing how that’s all changed so dramatically in such a relatively short time.

Most of all, I think I learned the true “value” of bicycles on that trip. And I’m not talking about what we paid for our handbuilt steel bikes. I’m talking about how even though I no longer own that Rivendell All Rounder, I still value it as a well worn tool, an old and faithful friend.

It’s the memories, experiences and relationships made on that trip that are what make the whole thing meaningful. I could have done it on any number of different, more or less expensive, bicycles, but that I did it on that bike will always matter to me.

Happy trails Gaylen!

Back to happenings around here.

Darren and Mike received Boxer Bicycles earlier this year and I never got around to writing about them. Go take a look at their dedicated pages from the “2012 Projects” tab at the top, or just click the links below.


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mbuzo12 10I hope you are all enjoying your Wintery weather, wherever you are. Unless, of course, you are on the Southern hemisphere, in which case I’d hope you were enjoying your Summery weather.

Either way, cheers!







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