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Boxer Brevet Series™ and other news

There are two important pieces of news in this post, so be sure to read through to the bottom.

We are launching a new project at Boxer Bicycles called the Brevet Series™ line of starter kits. Four kits in the series, each with the same frame and fork, are offered to provide the same excellent performance and optimized handling for front loads as the full custom line of Boxers, but with a much shorter lead time and different cost structure.

All details can be found at the new Brevet Series™ page.

This is a limited run of 10 bikes, with an ordering window which closes December 31, 2012. For what it’s worth, there are 9 remaining slots as of September 13, 2012.

I will whittle down the full custom build queue through December. Brevet Series™ projects begin January 2013, with scheduled delivery June 2013. Full custom builds will be put on hold through June, then it’s back to normal through the end of the year (2013).

This is also the right time to announce that the pricing for the full custom bikes is going up. I’ve held back the increase for as long as possible, but market fluctuations require this move. The launch of the new Brevet Series™ kits should help flesh out the offerings at Boxer Bicycles, hopefully to include riders who have held out for just such a project.

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